October 30, 2011

What Damage Hath the Storm Wrought?

We awoke to a beautiful morning, with bright blue skies and snow coating all of the trees.  The sun quickly melted the snow on the trees, but the ground was still covered with several inches of snow throughout the day.  Several driveways at the campground were blocked either by broken limbs or overhanging branches that were heavily weighted down by snow.  Some RVs even had to be pulled out from their campsites.

Morning At the Campground
Although we had heard on the news about the damage to trees throughout the storm-affected area, we were unprepared for the extent of the downed and broken trees on the back roads.  One of the roads we tried to enter was closed, and others were littered with large branches.  We saw one tree resting on a power line.  We literally drove into an overhanging branch when traffic prevented us from avoiding it.  Oh well, the Kat Karrier is going to get a few battle scars.

Downed Trees On the Back Roads

Lots of Snow On the Trees

Even More Snow

Enough Snow For a Halloween Snowman
We spent the afternoon at the mall in Lancaster, dealing with a few technology-related issues.  Lo and behold, we were successful in resolving them. 

On the Way Home


  1. What an adventure you three are having! Hoping you have clear skies and warmer weather this week. LaVonne

  2. LaVonne, It has been a wonderful adventure. The weather has been beautiful since the storm, and we also hope it will continue. Sarah