October 16, 2011

The Cape of Cod

We said farewell to Jane and Providence, Rhode Island, and pointed the RV eastward.  Our destination was Cape Cod, or the Cape of Cod, as Tim enjoys calling it.  The sun was shining, and it seemed to be a perfect day to make our way out toward the Cape.

We detoured through Newport, Rhode Island, just so Tim could see the grandest of the grand “cottages.”  We decided not to take the time to walk around, so Newport became a “drive-by” destination.  The height of the RV, however, did give us a great perspective from which to view the mansions on Bellevue Avenue, so Tim at least got a taste of how the barons of the Gilded Age lived.

The End of the Cliff Walk in Newport
The day somehow slipped away from us as we made our way to the end of Cape Cod.  Thank goodness we were going east, as the traffic heading back into the city was backed up for miles.  We drove all the way to Provincetown, Massachusetts, and will explore the Cape tomorrow.

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