October 14, 2011

Rain and Fog

Rain and fog, rain and fog . . . a typical New England day.  Why hurry to leave the campground when you can barely see more than a few feet in front of you?

The weather cleared a bit by mid-afternoon, and Jane wanted to know what we wanted to do today.  Tim suggested Conimicut Point Park, which was nearby, to see the lighthouse in Narragansett Bay.  Apparently, that’s not a very popular tourist attraction since the universal reaction to Jane’s request for directions was, “They want to go where?”  Anyway, we met Jane there and did enjoy the view of the bay, and the lighthouse in the distance.  Happy hour with Jane and Mary, however, was much more fun.

Conimicut Point Park and Lighthouse

Tim On Narragansett Bay
Unfortunately, the constant rain has caused our interior leak to rear its ugly head again.  We had hoped that the leak had miraculously sealed itself, but that is not the case.  We’re looking ahead to a possible stop at a Leisure Travel Vans dealer in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where we hope to take care of the few issues that have developed.

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