October 19, 2011

Rainy Day Activities

The rains returned, and I’m thankful that we took the time yesterday afternoon to explore a bit of Mystic Seaport.  We had planned to go back today, but decided it just wouldn’t be much fun with it raining so hard.  So, I’ll post a few of the photos of the Seaport from yesterday.

L.A. Dunton Schooner In Background

Emma C. Berry Sloop

Uh, Oh!

Buckingham-Hall House and Garden

Seafaring Village Street

Mystic River from the Seaport
It seemed to be a good day to do necessary chores, like laundry.  I even found a place to get my hair cut.  Hair Unique II in Mystic is a great salon, and I was able to get in without waiting.  The salon styled the hair for the cast of the movie Mystic Pizza, and Patti told me about the filming. Patti cut my hair very short, as I had requested, to make it even easier to take care of in the RV.  Hair dryers and hair products are just not possible here.  We’ll see how everyone likes the new look.

While I was getting my hair cut, Tim spent an educational afternoon at the research center at Mystic Seaport learning about his Greenman ancestry and how the family influenced the growth of Mystic.

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