October 29, 2011

Nevermind, We Made It

We made it back from the nearly-frozen.  By mid-afternoon, the power at the campground had been restored, and we were able to fill the tank with propane.  It took a while, but we were finally able to warm up the RV, and even Kitty was able to come out from hibernation.

Even Kitty Had To Find a Way To Keep Warm
It’s beautiful outside, but six inches of snow is not what I had in mind for October, or any month on the road for that matter.  Our goal had been to avoid snow and freezing temperatures at almost all costs.

Close That Door!

Snow, and Even More Snow, Falls As the Day Wears On

It Really Is Pretty, Though

Is It Fall, or Winter?
We have learned a good lesson, however, and that is to make sure the propane is full when colder weather is predicted.  The furnace can really consume propane quickly when it’s very cold outside.

Although we were uncomfortable, I felt especially bad for all of the folks who had come to the campground for Halloween weekend.  Apparently, this is a hugely popular camping weekend in the Northeast, and the campground had planned all sorts of activities.  Most of the other campers who arrived yesterday had gone all out in decorating for the holiday.  There were a lot of disappointed families here today.  Many, in fact, packed up and left.

We’ll plan to celebrate Halloween in the next day or so.  Kitty’s costumes are waiting for her.

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