The Kitty

When Tim first decided to acquire a cat in 2008, he was looking for one that would be easy to take care of, one that was already an adult. He found this calico, who was about five years old and who was up for adoption at the Pet Association of Estes Park, our local humane society.
The first time Tim saw the cat, he went home and waited and did nothing.  The second time he went to see the calico, she said to Tim, "You had better hurry up and decide to take me home before that lady behind you does."  The lady had to go home and ask her husband if they could have another pet.  This gave Tim the time he needed to buy the necessary cat supplies to bring home his new kitty.  So, his cat told him it would be good if she moved in.

The cat also had to check me out.  Before Tim would even ask me out on a date, I had to be approved by the cat.  Tim offered me the use of his house as a quiet place to work on my research project for Rocky Mountain National Park.  He brought me to his house, introduced me to the cat and left to go back to work.

Now what was I supposed to do?  I’ve never been around cats.  I don’t even like cats.  Or, so I thought.  I sat on the sofa with my computer on my lap, and the cat began to check me out.  I was never sure whether she really liked me, or whether she just likes everyone, but after a few minutes she jumped up on my lap.  She was so sweet that she truly captured my heart that day.  Forget about Tim, I fell in love with his cat!  I nicknamed her the “Laptop Cat.”

Everything worked out well, and a small family was born.  Tim had never named the cat, simply calling her kitty or cat.  I insisted on a name, and she eventually became Kitty.  Of course, the pet has to be taken care of before either one of us.  She is the reason we purchased “The World’s Most Expensive Kat Karrier” so she could travel with us on our journey.

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