October 26, 2011


We spent much of the day at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a park devoted to the story of the steam railroading in America.  The park is only twenty-five years old and was very controversial when it was created in 1986.  Some questioned its historic significance and the quality of its collection, but the park has grown in popularity.  For a train buff, it’s a great place to spend a good part of a day.

Steamtown includes a portion of the Scranton railroad yard of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, which was one of the earliest rail lines in northeast Pennsylvania.  The heart of the park is a roundhouse and turntable that display many of the steam locomotives that are part of the collection.  What I think is so cool is that Steamtown is still a working railroad site.

The Roundhouse at Steamtown
The Turntable at Steamtown
 We also enjoyed exploring the exhibits at the history and technology museums, which are very well done.  All facets of railroad history and life are interpreted here.  Of course we also had to pose with many of the “people” who worked on or were connected to the railroad.  We can’t seem to resist cheesy photographs.

Tim Sorting the Mail

All Aboard

Goin' My Way?

I Lost My Hat and Bandana

Equipment In the Railyard

Union Pacific Big Boy
After a most enjoyable visit, we drove south through the Lackawanna Valley and coal country.  We wanted to get close to Hershey, Pennsylvania, where we will be tomorrow.  Oh boy, chocolate.  I can’t wait.