October 3, 2011

A Leg Up

Tim has been struggling with a pulled ligament in his left calf ever since he arrived in Maine last week.  He injured his leg before he left Colorado, and I’ve given him a hard time for not seeing a doctor before he left.  This is the second time he has hurt one of his lower limbs just before a trip.  He sprained his ankle just before our honeymoon!  As Jane said to him, “If you didn’t want to go on the trip, you didn’t have to hurt yourself.”  We know that’s not the case, however.

Tim’s leg has not gotten any better, despite rest and icing, so he decided that today he would do something about it.

We had planned to head south today from Belfast, Maine, toward Rockland to visit the Farnsworth Museum, but a doctor’s visit was more pressing.  A receptionist at a doctor’s office in Camden recommended a clinic, and we arrived at the Coastal Medical Clinic in Rockland just before noon.  Amazingly, no one else was waiting, and Tim was able to see the nurse practitioner.  She made several recommendations, including a compression wrap, continued icing and physical therapy, if possible.  Tim was able to get an appointment with a physical therapist for tomorrow, so we decided to make Rockland our base for the next few days.

Can They Fix Tim's Leg?

The World's Largest Lobster
After another seafood lunch downtown (I just can’t get enough crab and lobster), we decided to save the museum for another day and headed to the Saltwater Farm Campground so Tim could rest his leg.  The campground is very pretty and sits above the St. George River.  The sun was starting to peek out of the clouds, and we have been enjoying the sun in our wide-open site and drying out.

St. George River

Pretty View From Our Campsite
A Canadian couple pulled in shortly after we arrived.  They were driving a 1999 Leisure Travel Vans Free Flight.  We compared notes and listened to their stories of the many years of pleasure they’ve had in their van.

Old and New Leisure Travel Vans
(Our Neighbor's Van Is In the Left Background)

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