October 28, 2011

The Confession

Don’t get too excited.  I have nothing to confess.  We just happened to attend The Confession, which is a musical, this afternoon.  The musical is an adaptation of a trilogy of bestselling Amish novels and was presented in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania.  This Amish love story was quite well done, and Tim and I both enjoyed it.  Although fictional, the story did give us some insight into Amish life and customs.

We spent the morning at Miller’s RV Service Center, where we met with a technician who has promised to take care of our leaks next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Although that’s still a wait, it’s better than the two to four week window we’ve been given by other centers.  Miller’s is a small, family operation, and Tim and I both got a good feeling about the operation.

In between Miller’s and The Confession, we were able to drive some of the back roads in Amish country.  Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful area, and the morning was beautiful, with bright blue skies.  We saw many horse-drawn carriages and both children and adults on scooter-bikes.

Beautiful Farms

One-Horse Power Buggy

Four-Hoof Drive

A Beautiful Fall Day
We feasted on local home cooking for dinner, including stuffed cabbage, ham and scalloped potatoes, stewed tomatoes, sweet potatoes and homemade pumpkin pie.  I had to take a tiny shoo fly pie home with us.  This is a dessert that is a trademark of Amish cooking.  It is similar in texture to a coffee cake and has a gooey molasses bottom with a crumbly brown sugar topping.  It’s a bit too sweet for me, but I wanted to try it.

Tonight we are waiting for snow.

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