September 21, 2011

Through the Adirondacks to the Northeast Kingdom

What started out as a foggy morning evolved into brilliant blue skies and a gorgeous autumn day.  A detour to Lake Placid, New York, along scenic byways seemed in order.  The higher in elevation we climbed, the more color we saw.  The town of Lake Placid is just as charming as I remember, and Kevin and I walked throughout the downtown area and bought multiple flavors of popcorn.

On the Way to Lake Placid

In the Adirondacks

Mirror Lake in Lake Placid
Kevin’s request for the day was a crossing from New York to Vermont on the Lake Champlain ferry.  On the way to the dock, we stopped at Ausable Chasm, an early tourist attraction featuring a deep gorge with waterfalls. 

Ausable Chasm
We arrived at the ferry dock with plenty of time to wander around and chat with fellow passengers.  The Kat Karrier continues to garner plenty of attention.  Her first boat ride was a total success.

Waiting for the Ferry

On the Water

I'm Not Seasick

Kevin on the Ferry

After docking in Burlington, Vermont, we had time for only a quick overview of the downtown area.  When Kevin got out to take photographs, several college students on the sidewalk where I stopped began to drool over the Kat Karrier.  They asked me, “Is this a personal vehicle?  Are you on the road?” and commented “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”  I continue to marvel at the reaction of most men to the RV.  If I were single, I would have no trouble meeting men in this thing.  Thankfully, though, I’m not.

We couldn’t travel in northern Vermont without stopping at Ben and Jerry’s.  It was amusing to see all of the flavors that never hit the stores, and we took with us “Late Night Snack,” which is vanilla bean ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and fudge covered potato chip clusters.  Yum.

Ben and Jerry's Cowmobile

Who's Ben, Who's Jerry?

After a stop in Montpelier to photograph the Vermont State House, it was time to find a campground.  We pulled into an iffy one adjacent to an RV sales lots.  If we had stayed, Kevin was certain that we would have been sold by morning as we were the nicest RV on the lot.

Vermont's State House at Montpelier

A bit farther north in the middle of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom was a much more suitable choice, the Groton Forest Road Campground.  For a change, there were no mosquitos, and we could enjoy a bit of time outside.  Kevin even had a chance to bond with Kitty.  I think Kitty misses a man’s voice and has been very affectionate with Kevin, who’s not a cat person at all.  Kevin says that she has her “purr motor” on when she’s with him.  Don’t you just love his “Kevinisms”?

Kevin and Kitty

An Apple a Day

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