September 20, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Kevin must have brought the rain with him from Portland.  It’s rainy, a bit foggy and a little gloomy.  Rain has never stopped Kevin before, so we’re up and on the road in a northerly path toward the Adirondacks.

A sign for the Saratoga National Historical Park caught my attention, and we detoured east for a visit.  The battles of Saratoga were much more significant than I had realized in deciding the outcome of the Revolutionary War.  The American victory here forced the surrender of a major British army and was one of the most decisive in history.  The visitor center has a great 3-D map of the battlefield, with accompanying audio and LED lights that illustrate the battles.

Saratoga National Historical Park

Saratoga National Historical Park
The weather made the day a perfect one for chores, and Kevin and I began a search for a laundromat in Glens Falls, New York.  When we asked Lucy, my somewhat schizophrenic GPS unit, for assistance, she led us to the middle of an upscale residential neighborhood.  Did she want us to ring someone’s doorbell and ask to use the washer and dryer?  This is not the first time Lucy has led us astray, and I am starting to seriously doubt her abilities.

We arrived at a nice campground in Schroon Lake, New York, but were immediately attached by mosquitos.  Mosquitos seem to be a theme of this trip.  I expect mosquitos in other parts of the country, but not here.  Apparently, Hurricane Irene has left behind a belated, stinging reminder of her destruction.

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