September 18, 2011

The Crack of the Bat

Although we started the day at the Erie Canal, today was all about baseball.  Jane is a huge baseball fan (she’s a Yankees fan even though she is from Providence, Rhode Island), and I was raised in a baseball-loving family (the Orioles, of course, since I’m from Baltimore).  Cooperstown was not too far away, and we just had to go there.

Lock at Mays Point, Erie Canal
Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal
Sarah at Mays Point
Cooperstown is a wonderful historic town with a thriving main street and side streets featuring grand houses.  Even if you don’t want to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, the town is a worthwhile destination.  We did both, although the focus was on the Hall of Fame.  Jane heard the “crack of the bat,” and we watched the movie and toured the exhibits.

Jane and Friends
My favorite part of the experience was watching the men who stopped at every display in the museum, trying to absorb it all.  Watching them walk into the Hall of Fame itself, however, was the best.  To them, it appeared to be a shrine, and each one approached his favorite “saint” reverently.  The men seemed to know exactly where to go to find the players they were looking for.

It's All About the Orioles
And the Yankees

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