September 24, 2011

A Little R&R

I said a fond farewell to Kevin and Mary this morning, grateful for the time I was able to spend with them.  Linda, Jane and Kevin came through for me, as I knew they would, and got me safely from Colorado to Maine.  I can relax now.  Tim can relax.  I made it.  We had fun.  I didn’t lose the cat.  The RV is in one piece.  I have driven 3,375 miles in three weeks.  It will probably take Tim and me three months to drive as many miles.

Although I was sad to see Kevin go, I am grateful for the next few days before I have to drive the short distance to Bangor, Maine, to meet Tim on Monday.  I am tired and have been more stressed than I ever thought I would be.  I need a break, a little time by myself, to rest, catch up on the blog and chores, and prepare myself for the true journey with Tim.  I can't wait for him to arrive.

I’m staying at the Wassamki Springs Campground in Scarborough, Maine, just outside Portland.  My campsite is in the woods directly on a small lake.  It’s quiet and peaceful here and is perfect for me right now.

The View From My Campsite

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