September 17, 2011

Open House

It seems like many resort towns virtually close down after Labor Day.  Geneva-On-the-Lake is no exception.  The Sunrise Café was still open, however, and we decided to stop for breakfast.  This is the type of restaurant I love to find and is one that has probably been featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”  Corn pancakes, with whole kernels of corn, were delicious.  The motto of the café is “Eat, Pay, Leave,” which is exactly what we did.  What a wonderful way to start the morning.

Sunrise Cafe, Geneva-On-the-Lake, Ohio
Today was another long driving day on the interstate, and breaks were confined to rest stops.  Our first break was particularly memorable.  When I pulled into the parking area, I noticed another Class B Sprinter van.  We’ve seen quite a few on this trip, many more than I had expected, but this one was right in front of me.

The owner was standing nearby, so I approached him.  His Sprinter was converted by Sportsmobile, which customizes units to the owner’s specifications.  He gave me a tour and showed me the special features he had requested, including solar panels.  He had even camped in the van at -55° (his wife had more sense and stayed home).

I returned the favor and offered a tour of the Kat Karrier.  As the gentleman was admiring the interior finishes, several other people walked up.  Jane, who was outside with the cat (and who almost gave her away to a woman who said that she was taking the cat), had told them I would love to give a tour.  So we had open house in the parking lot at the rest stop.  I do, in fact, enjoy letting people see the RV.  I remember when I was initially looking at Class Bs, I would practically stalk the owners of any Class B I would come across.  I always hoped they would talk to me and possibly let me have a peek.  So many people are intrigued by this type of vehicle, and I’m happy to help educate them.

Jane and I ended the day at Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York.  We never seem to have enough time for an in-depth visit at any of the parks we visit, and here we only were able to tour the exhibits before closing time.  The exhibits here are inspiring and made me appreciate anew the opportunities that I sometimes take for granted.

Jane and I and the Women
Women's Rights National Historical Park
After a few wrong turns and accusations that a certain passenger could not read a map (sorry, Jane), we arrived at the Oak Orchard Marina and Campground.  This was a wonderful site at Mays Point on the Erie Canal.  The mosquitos almost carried us away, however, and there was no way to sit outside.  We couldn’t even open a door without a swarm invading the RV.  Not to worry.  Jane the Hunter attached with a vengeance and determination I had never seen and managed to kill them all.  However, she kept her weapon of choice, an orange fly swatter, close by her side all night just in case.

View From Our Campsite at Oak Orchard Marina and Campground


  1. Just read this again. Still waiting for those map reading lessons...


  2. Jane, I'm working on it. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner. Sarah