December 24, 2011


Today is Christmas Eve, and tonight we will be celebrating a traditional Cuban Nochebuena at the home of friends of Herbert.  Then tomorrow, we will spend Christmas day with Herbert.

When Tim and I left on our trip, we had no idea where we would spend the holidays.  We would have been perfectly content to spend the holidays alone, but we’ve been fortunate to be able to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends.  How much nicer that has been for us.  We were able to visit with Tim’s friends from Utah on Thanksgiving, and now we are here with Herbert for Christmas.  It was just a fluke that Herbert was planning to be in Savannah for Christmas and that the timing of our travels happened to put us here right now.

We had the entire day to tour Savannah.  I’ve said before that Savannah is a walkable city, and we walked several miles today from Forsyth Park to the Savannah River and back.  It was a gorgeous day, sunny and just cool enough for a sweater.  It was such a relief to enjoy ourselves and look at wonderful buildings while everyone else was going crazy, finishing their last minute shopping.

Fountain in Forsyth Park

Sarah and Tim

Herbert at the Armstrong House

Mercer House

Herbert and Tim Admire a Few of Savannah's 18th Century Houses

Savannah Ironwork

Davenport House
Herbert is so knowledgeable about Savannah and enjoys telling his guests about the history and architecture of the city, as well as the insider stories.  I always learn something new.

We’ll be back here tomorrow to wish you a Merry Christmas.  Kitty has a special treat just for you.

Kitty's Favorite Gate

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