November 24, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For

Tim and I wish all of our family and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for, especially our family and friends and our good fortune in being able to take this extended road trip.

We are in Seneca, South Carolina, which is near Greenville, to celebrate the holiday.  Tim’s good friends, Chris and Skip, are here visiting Skip’s mother, and they graciously invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them.  Who would have guessed that we would visit with friends from Utah while we are in South Carolina?

We had arrived in Greenville on Tuesday evening, and spent yesterday attending to errands.  It was time for the Kat Karrier’s 10,000 mile service, and we were lucky to find a place in Greenville to take care of us.  That’s actually pretty amazing since there are only three dealers in the entire state that are authorized to work on Sprinters.  We finished with the service and then had the Kat Karrier washed.  What a treat to have someone else do it for us!  She’s nice and pretty again.

A Bath for Thanksgiving
I love Thanksgiving.  In fact, it’s my favorite holiday.  Although I do enjoy Christmas, there’s just too much hoopla and pressure.  At Thanksgiving, there are no gifts to deal with, only food.  And I do love traditional Thanksgiving food, especially Southern food. But, more importantly, it’s a time to reflect on life and just how fortunate we are.

Tim and I had a wonderful afternoon with Skip’s extended family, and they welcomed us with open arms.  It was true Southern hospitality at its finest.  It was a lot of fun to meet people who had been following us on the blog.  If truth be told, it was Kitty that everyone really wanted to meet.  She entertained the group while we gave tours of the RV.

It was then time for Thanksgiving dinner, and the meal was fabulous.  Everyone had prepared their own specialties, and the food was even better than it looked.  Skip had deep-fried the turkey, which made it so moist and flavorful.  I was happy to see some of my favorites, such as cornbread stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, green bean casserole and macaroni and cheese, as well as several salads that were new to me.  A beautiful cranberry concoction and a great pineapple casserole complemented the meal.

I'm Thankful for the Chefs,
Dorma, Louise, Chris, Skip, Janie and Betty

Chris, Tim and Sarah Drooling Over the Food

What a Wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner!

I'm Thankful for Tim,
Tim's Thankful for His Dinner
Then, there was dessert.  Not only was there pumpkin pie, but also a divine rhubarb pie, which Chris had made.  I had to sample both, as well as the gorgeous coconut cake.  As usual, I ate way too much, but I just couldn’t help it.  Thanksgiving dinner is usually the best meal of the year for me, and it was certainly true this year.

Tim and I consider ourselves very fortunate that we were able to spend the holiday with such wonderful people.  I especially enjoyed getting to know Chris and Skip a little better, as well as talking with his mother and the rest of the family.   We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

Gobble, Gobble


  1. Thanks for coming to see us in South Carolina! It was great to spend Thanksgiving with you!! Safe Travels!! Chris & Skip

  2. Sounds divine! Mention of the rhubarb pie had me drooling! ha ha LV

  3. Chris, Thank you again for a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hope to see you sometime in Utah or Colorado. Sarah

  4. LV, It was divine! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well. Sarah