November 20, 2011

A Reunion

West Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains are beautiful, and we enjoyed our drive today through the area of the state known as the Potomac Highlands.  We passed beautiful farms, towering stone formations and thick forests on our way south.  Our destination was Riverton, West Virginia, where we were getting together with Tim’s cousin LaVonne, her husband Stuart and daughter Grace.  Tim had not seen LaVonne for at least ten years, and I was looking forward to meeting another member of Tim’s family.

Grace, Tim, LaVonne and Stuart
LaVonne gave us a wonderful tour of the beautiful Germany Valley where she lives, including a hidden place that is special to her family – Nelson Rocks.  This part of West Virginia is known throughout the world for its huge, fin-like rock formations and is a mecca for climbers.  We had passed Seneca Rocks, which rises nearly 900 feet above the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River and is perhaps the best known of these rocks, on our drive.

Germany Valley
LaVonne and Stuart used to own Nelson Rocks, which they developed into a nature preserve for climbing, as well as contemplation.  Nelson Rocks is particularly known for its two Tuscarora Quartzite fins. The geology of the rock formations is incredible, and classes come here to study.  I could picture myself spending time at this beautiful place, although you wouldn’t catch me trying to rock climb.  Oh, no!  I’d be perfectly content just enjoying the serenity of this special place.

Nelson Rocks

Another View of Nelson Rocks

Can You See the Swinging Bridge Between the Two Fins?

Fins at the Top

A Special Place
LaVonne treated us to a wonderful dinner, but most of all we enjoyed the company.


  1. The pleasure was all ours! Thanks so much for stopping by and brightening our corner. Hope you enjoyed the drive thru Shenandoah despite the rain. XO LV

  2. LV, It was wonderful to finally meet you and share your little piece of heaven. We loved it. Sarah