November 6, 2011

All In the Family

Today was all about family, and washing the RV.  Tim and I both have friends and family in the Baltimore area, and we’ve tried to get together with everyone for at least a brief visit while we’re here.

We spent the afternoon with two of Tim’s aunts and several of his cousins.  His cousin Mark and his wife Jennifer hosted a lovely lunch at their home in Severn, Maryland.  Tim’s aunts Marguerite and Joy were his father’s sisters and have lived their entire adult lives in Baltimore and raised their families there.  Thanks to Tim’s cousin Joy for contacting everyone and getting them together on such short notice.  It was good to see his cousin Laurie and her daughter as well.  We showed off the RV and the cat and enjoyed some conversation on the genealogy of the family. 

Jennifer, Mark, Laurie, Aunt Joy, Tim, Andy, Joy and Aunt Marguerite
We finished the day with dinner with old family friends of mine.  Fred and Judy and their daughter Emily are as close to me as family.  My parents knew that I would never give them any grandchildren and “adopted” Fred and Judy’s three children when they were born.  They have been family ever since.  Fred was also the minister who married Tim and me.  We went to dinner at the G & M Restaurant where Judy, Emily and I had their award-winning crab cakes – how divine.  Tim and I had not seen them since our wedding, and it was so good to catch up with their lives.

Emily, Sarah, Judy and Fred
Nice and Clean

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  1. Nice pic of the usual suspects on top! :-) LV