December 12, 2011

On the Ferry

We spent most of the day on the water.  The only way to leave the southern part of the Outer Banks is by sea (or plane, if you have one).  So, we took a ferry from the village of Hatteras to the island of Ocracoke, and then another ferry from the other end of Ocracoke to Cedar Island.  It took the whole day.

Tiny Houses of Hatteras

Ready to Board
Kitty was not too fond of the first ferry ride.  It was a small ferry, and the engine made a lot of noise.  This ride was only forty minutes long, and she spent most of it in Tim’s lap.  Can you believe that this ride was free?  I’m surprised that any mode of transportation is free.

I Feel Much Safer Here
I Can Look Out for Birds
Did You See What I Saw?
We had time to spare when we arrived in Ocracoke, so we visited the ponies that once ran wild on the island, and then the Ocracoke Lighthouse.  The entire island, except the village of Ocracoke, is a part of Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  The village itself is a quaint beachfront community that is mostly unspoiled by new development.  We found a great restaurant where we picked up fresh fish sandwiches for our next ferry ride.

Ocracoke Ponies

Ocracoke Lighthouse
The trip from Ocracoke to Cedar Island took two and one-quarter hours and was not free. The toll was $30, since we’re longer than twenty feet.  Because of the length of the ride, the ferry was much larger, and quieter, and Kitty settled in for a nap during most of the trip.  So did Tim and I.

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