December 27, 2011


Tim and I have been pretending to be homebodies these last few days.  Thanks to our wonderful host Herbert, we have had a lovely apartment to enjoy during our visit to Savannah.  After taking some time to tour Savannah, and spending a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Herbert, Tim and I have been staying pretty close to our temporary home.

Tim has been fighting a cold and has relished the opportunity to hang around, watch TV and rest up.  I’ve been enjoying a little bit of down time as well.  Because I know Savannah, I feel no pressure to get out and see the town.  We have ventured out each day for good food and short walks, so we haven’t been complete hermits.  Herbert even treated us to a great home-cooked dinner last night.  Shrimp and pasta, yum!

Herbert has also put me to work.  My standard job when I visit Herbert is to organize his kitchen cabinets.  It seems that most of my visits coincide with a new residence on his part, and this visit is no exception.  In his haste to unpack, Herbert tends to put things away wherever he can find an empty spot.  Unfortunately, silver spoons have no right to be in a junk drawer, and sugar should never be placed under the kitchen sink.

I have to admit that one of my talents is space planning, and kitchen organization is my specialty.  So, I’ve been busy at work in Herbert’s kitchen, placing like with like, and storing little-used items in harder-to-reach shelves.  It’s not rocket science; it just takes a bit of thought.  I’m pleased with the results and have even given Herbert an empty shelf or two, but he may need a roadmap to locate everything.

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