December 20, 2011

A Christmas Treat

Tim and I gave ourselves a Christmas treat today, actually two treats.  First, we took the RV to Pleasant Details across the Cooper River in Mount Pleasant to be washed.  Yes, I know we could have washed the RV ourselves, but we really don’t have all of the equipment we need, particularly a ladder to clean the roof.  The folks at Pleasant Details were great and are used to dealing with Sprinters.  Cheryl even owns a Roadtrek Adventurous, which is similar to ours.  The RV looks beautiful again.

A Bath for Christmas

On the Ravenel Bridge Over the Cooper River
After lunch at Bessinger’s Barbeque, we checked into The Inn at Middleton Place.  Although we’ve stayed at a few hotels during the trip, we haven’t stayed at a really, really nice hotel. Most don’t accept pets.  Here, however, we got the Pampered Pet package, and Kitty was warmly welcomed.  She received her own bowl, treats and toys.  We won’t tell her that the toys are really meant for dogs.  What’s a cat going to do with a tennis ball?  The package was cute nonetheless.

The Lodge at The Inn at Middleton Place

A Package for Kitty
We were able to check in early and spent the afternoon relaxing.  That’s easy to do here.  The inn is located on the grounds of Middleton Place, the oldest landscaped gardens in the country, and we’ll visit there tomorrow.  The inn is very contemporary in design, but totally respects the beautiful site on a bluff overlooking the Ashley River.  

Along the Ashley River
We have a river view room with floor to ceiling windows, and Kitty loves her view of the outdoors.  The inn’s setting in the middle of a wooded area makes it totally private.  It’s a perfect getaway.

A Lovely Place to Relax

Are There Any Squirrels Out There?


  1. Nice digs! It looks like it's nice and warm there. What are the temps? Can't wait to see the pics of the garden. LV

  2. LV, The inn is really wonderful, and the temperature has been perfect - most days in Charleston have been in the 60s. I can't believe it's December. Sarah