April 23, 2012

Into Oregon

After spending a wonderful month in California, we finally exited the state and rolled into Oregon today.  We’re sticking to the scenic coastal route for a few days, and enjoyed more spectacular ocean views as the fog lifted.  Of course it started to rain today.  It seems that I cannot enter the state of Oregon and not encounter rain.  Today, the rain was mostly a fine mist, however, so it really didn’t stop us from exploring.

A Final Look at the California Coast
Lots of Driftwood After the Recent Storms

We stopped at so many overlooks that I simply lost count.  It was hard to take our eyes from the steep cliffs, sea stacks, twisted trees and sweeping Pacific views.  Part of the drive cut through the forests of the Coast Range, and this area was also beautiful.  We also saw more evidence of the damage caused by the recent storms.  Entire sections of the highway had collapsed, and much reconstruction was ongoing.  

A Brief Glimpse of Blue Sky Along the Oregon Coast
Tim on the Coast
Small Coves
A Gull in the Mist
The Rugged Coast
The Coast at the Town of Port Orford
We stopped in the small town of Gold Beach for lunch and enjoyed fresh crab and fish.  We also purchased several pieces of freshly-smoked salmon and sable fish, also known as black cod, to take with us for later.  We just can’t seem to get our fill of seafood.

Kitty Has a New Favorite Spot While We're Away
What Are Goats Doing at My Campground?


  1. There can never be enough seafood. Just ask Kitty! (When she's not busy herding goats) :-) LV

    1. LV, Kitty complains that she rarely gets seafood, except in treats. Canned cat food is stinky enough, but the seafood varieties are just not RV-friendly! Who would have thought that Kitty would end up hearding goats. It's no telling what her next assignment might be. Sarah