April 25, 2012

A Campsite with a View, Sort Of

Most of the campgrounds where we’ve stayed have been just fine.  Some have been extremely nice and have been located in very pretty settings.  But we’ve rarely had a campsite with a view.  We arrived at one of those rare campgrounds yesterday afternoon.  The campground is a KOA in Waldport, Oregon, and is perched on top of a bluff with beautiful views down to Alsea Bay.  There is nothing between our RV and the view of the bay.  The only catch is that it’s been raining since we arrived.  It just doesn’t seem fair!  One of the best views of the trip and we can’t sit outside and enjoy it.  OK, I’ve whined enough.  I feel better now.

We decided to hang out here today and wait out the rain and fog.  We figured that there would have been no views of the coast if we had driven north.  So, we’ve been sitting in the RV and looking out our windows through the raindrops and fog and enjoying the views that come and go.  All in all, it hasn’t been too bad of a way to spend a day.

Looking Through the Window at the Bridge Over Alsea Bay
Raindrops on the Windows Can't Completely Obstruct Our View


  1. That is a great view! Hope the sun is shining on you today. LV

    1. LV, We awoke to sunny skies this morning. What a difference a day makes. Sarah