April 18, 2012

Along the Northern California Coast

Monday was so pleasant, just hanging out around the campground, that Tim suggested we do it all over again yesterday.  I readily agreed.  After a morning of handling a few medical reimbursement issues, we had the afternoon to sit back, read and soak up the atmosphere.  We enjoyed another evening with our neighbors, hearing about the wineries they had visited during the day and sampling one of the zinfandels they had picked up.  It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it.

Today we decided that we had to get moving.  There is still so much to see and so little time remaining.  We said our good-byes and headed westward.  Lucy, our intrepid GPS unit, routed us on a very narrow and winding back road, but it was a lovely drive.  It turns out that we were on the Bohemian Highway, one of the most scenic drives in Northern California.  We drove through tall redwoods, rolling hills and interesting communities before turning onto Highway 116 which parallels the Russian River.  Finally, we reached Highway 1, where we enjoyed our first view of the Pacific Ocean in several weeks.

Eye-Catching Sculputes of Three Dogs Among the Vineyards
We had enjoyed our drive along Highway 1 last year, when we visited San Francisco and Bodega Bay, and the drive today was just as spectacular.  Rugged cliffs, crashing waves, twisting turns, and colorful wildflowers were just some of our favorite things along this scenic highway.  Unfortunately, we also saw downed trees and other evidence of the powerful storms that hit the coast a few weeks before.

The Rugged Coast of Northern California
Small Inlets and Coves Are More Serene
High Cliffs Seem to Extend Forever
Waves Crash Against the Cliffs
A Few Structures Are Perched Atop the Cliffs
Such a Spectacular Coastline
Most restaurants were closed today, so we munched on crackers, nuts and dried fruit as we drove.  Tim indulged me by pulling over time and time again so we could photograph the dramatic views.  The fog was starting to roll in as the afternoon wore on, and we decided to stop for the night at another KOA campground in Manhattan.  We have found the KOAs in California to be especially nice, and they have been located in lovely, natural settings.  This one was equally pretty, and the rhododendron blooming throughout the campground was an added bonus.  I had no idea that rhododendron bloomed so early in California.

A Nice Spot for the Evening
Gorgeous Rhododendron
Wild Iris
Calla Lily
More Pretty Wildflowers


  1. Beautiful photos. Must of been a great drive. Flowers are great. Love A

    1. A, Thanks. It was a wonderful drive, and the flowers just added to the beauty. Sarah