January 23, 2012

We Didn't Blow Away!

Tim and I appreciate everyone’s concern about our well-being in lieu of the recent tornado activity in Alabama.  Rest assured that we’re just fine.  We had made the decision yesterday to stay put in Montgomery.  The weather ended up being ok yesterday afternoon, and it seemed like we would be able to leave this morning.

Overnight, however, tornados moved into Alabama from Arkansas, and two people were killed early this morning in the Birmingham area.  There was a tornado watch for our area until noon today, as well as a severe thunderstorm warning.  We looked at the area to our east, where we intended to go, and found that the storm was headed that way.  A tornado watch was in effect there until 4:00 pm.  There didn’t seem to be anywhere nearby without some kind of watch or warning.

So, we made the decision once again to stay put.  We may have been overly cautious, but we are in no hurry to get anywhere and wanted to play it safe.  Besides, it would have been no fun to be on the road, worrying about what the weather might do.

The weather turned nice this afternoon in Montgomery, and we took the opportunity to get out and purchase a few supplies, fill the propane tank, get the batteries checked out and make a run to the post office.  We had a successful day and felt like we accomplished at least a few things.

All Clear Now
The forecast looks promising for tomorrow, so it looks like we’ll be able to hit the road once again.


  1. Good to know you dodged that bullet! LV

  2. LV, Yes, we were lucky that we had decided against heading north toward Birmingham. Sarah