January 13, 2012

RV SuperShow

Today, Tim and I attended the 2012 Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Florida.  Oh boy, shopping!  This event  is billed as the largest RV show in the country and features thousands of new RVs, as well as products from various vendors.  The show takes place yearly at the Florida State Fairgrounds and is so large that a tram is available to take you from venue to venue.

Lined Up to Look at RVs
We are certainly not in the market for a new RV, but we thought it would be fun to look at the 2012 models on the market.  This seems to one of the few shows that includes Class B RVs from all the different manufacturers.  The maker of our RV, Leisure Travel Vans, was there, as were Roadtrek, Pleasureway and Airstream.  Even Great West Vans was represented.  We had never seen those in person, only online, and had once thought that might be the RV for us.

We walked through all of the models and noted the new features.  Some were very cool improvements, while others were really not to our liking.  We though the older versions were actually better in some cases.  Although all of the Class Bs were really nice, it turns out that none were better suited to our needs than the one we own.  Even the models that are slightly larger than ours would not be as convenient for traveling with the cat.  Yes, they have certain advantages, but where would the litter box go?  We actually have the ideal solution with our “basement.”

New Leisure Travel Vans
The 2012 Free Spirit
We Really Are Partial to Leisure Travel Vans
We also wandered through the booths and picked up a few little items we just couldn’t live without – exciting things like holding tank treatments, door mats and a quick-connect for the water hose!  We only have room for useful things or new items to replace old ones, like the mats.

It was a fun day, but the best part was reconfirming that we had selected the best RV for us.  We had always been confident that we had made the right decision, but now we know that for sure.


  1. Nothing like a day of shopping therapy to lift ones spirits! :-) LV

  2. LV, Isn't that the truth. Our shopping days have been few and far between on this trip, which is actually ok with me. Sarah

  3. There's an RV show in Pompano that starts in a week or so. Coming back?

  4. Jane, It's tempting, but I don't think we could take that much excitement. Sarah