January 9, 2012

Good Friends

What I miss most about Miami is my friends.  I don’t miss the traffic, the politics or even the weather.  Well, maybe I miss the weather a bit when the temperature in Colorado dips into the single digits.  And, maybe I miss the food.  But, Miami drives me crazy these days.  It’s too hectic, too congested, too rude for me.  I’ve become much more laid back since leaving six years ago, and visits to Miami are much more stressful than I’d like.

This visit was worth it, however, to see good friends again.  On Saturday night, Ana and her husband Tony invited Tim and me to dinner at their home.  Their daughter Cristina, Roberto, Miguel and Dennis joined us, and we spent a magical evening sitting outside.  It had been more than two years since I last saw all of them, so there was a lot of catching up to do.  Ana grilled some local fish, and Roberto prepared his famous avocado salad.  Good food, good wine and even better conversation.  What a perfect evening.
Roberto, Dennis, Miguel, Tim, Sarah, Ana and Tony
On Sunday morning, Tim and I joined Roberto and Vicky for a Cuban breakfast.  Did I mention that I miss Cuban food?  Especially Cuban coffee!  Our conversation naturally drifted to Miami politics, and I was reminded once more that leaving Miami was the right move for me.  It was great to spend time with Vicky, however, and Roberto then gave us a tour of the marvelous renovations that he is making to his home.

Tim and I stayed at the historic Miami River Inn during our visit, and we were able to spend time with Jane, who is the manager.  I am still forever grateful to Jane for driving with me from St. Louis to Albany on the second week of this trip.  The fact that she is still my friend after that week is just amazing!  The “other” Jane and Mari joined Jane and me at the inn on Sunday afternoon for a tour of the RV, and then the four of us went to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Caffe Italia.  Tim stayed behind to watch football.  These are such amazing women, and I consider myself fortunate that we are friends.  I got so caught up in our conversation that I forgot to take a photograph of us.  I’m so disappointed that I don’t have one to post.

The Historic Miami River Inn
(photo courtesy of Miami River Inn)
"Fresh Squeezed Paradise Since 1910"
(photo courtesy of Miami River Inn)
Tim and I ended our stay in Miami with dinner on Monday night with Jane and Ken.  We had an incredible meal at Soyka’s, one of the pioneering restaurants on Biscayne Boulevard in the Upper East Side.  It’s still as good as ever.  It was a treat to spend our last night in Miami with such wonderful people.

Ken and Jane
Tim and Sarah
Fresh Grouper at Soyka's
Pecan-Crusted Snapper


  1. So fun to see Ana, Jane and Roberto -everyone looks great! And you and I are finally on the same page about Miami ;) (I've even come to appreciate the modern architecture)

  2. Jenny, So nice to hear from you. Both Ana and Roberto have retired from the City and are doing great. Isn't it funny how our feelings about places evolve over the years. I now know exactly how you felt! Sarah

  3. Chris, Yes, it really was delicious! Sarah

  4. We will always be friends, a little road trip couldn't hurt that but it would have been nice to see the WHOLE arch in St Louis...
    It was great to be able to catch up in person, we do miss you! We're the lucky ones to have your friendship and we even get Timmy in the deal.


  5. Just because we live here it doesn't mean we don't agree with you and Jenny....

  6. Jane, Maybe we'll have to plan a trip to St. Louis to visit the arch, and even go up in it! Even though we've seen each other three times in the last six months (can you believe it?), it's still never enough. Tim and I both miss you, but we'll probably proposed getting together somewhere besides Miami. You can understand that! Sarah

  7. You pick the place, Im there!


  8. Jane, Maybe Kansas should be the place, or not. Sarah