March 2, 2012

A Fond Farewell

I flew into Denver yesterday afternoon, and it was snowing!  Tim picked me up at the airport, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was relieved when the sun started to shine as we headed north toward Fort Morgan.  Snow was not something that I wanted to deal with.

We met all of the family at the mortuary for a Rosary Vigil last evening.  Tim’s brother Rex and his three sisters, Alice, Cathy and Chris, were there, as were all of the grandchildren. We hadn’t seen many of Tim’s nieces and nephews since our wedding, and it was nice to catch up with everyone.

The funeral service this morning was lovely, and it was a fitting tribute to my mother-in-law. Irene Burchett was an amazing woman, and I learned even more about her during these few days.  I’m very lucky to be a part of her family.

St. Helena's Catholic Church
I asked Tim to take me down memory lane, and we drove by the house where he grew up in Fort Morgan, as well as many of the other town landmarks.  Fort Morgan is a small town with interesting historic buildings and a population of 11,000.  The town began in 1864 as a military post to protect commerce along the South Platte River.  Located eighty miles northeast of Denver, Fort Morgan is part of the high plains region that has been called the “Great American Desert.”  It’s an interesting part of Colorado.

Tim Grew Up in this House
James Marsh Arch Bridge Over the South Platte River,
The Only Rainbow Arch Bridge in Colorado
Downtown Fort Morgan
Tim's Mother Retired as Chief Operator for Mountain Bell
Tim's Father Retired as Postmaster for Fort Morgan
Sherman Street Historic District
Sherman Street Historic District
Nice Neighborhoods with Tree-Lined Streets
Cattle on the High Plains Just South of Town


  1. Great pictures. I haven't been there in years so enjoyed the memory lane trip too! Hoping kitty did okay without you two. LV

    1. LV, Thanks. It was fun driving around Fort Morgan again and seeing it through Tim's eyes. Kitty made it through our absence, but was certainly happy that we returned. Sarah

  2. So glad to see you both! Even though it was a sad occasion , our family always seem to make it as a great time for a party! I was glad to see my brothers and sisters, I now have three sisters. All of the nieces and nephew 1,it was great to see them all. Then you add the cousins and Aunt and Uncle (one each is all we have left). Then add the friends , It was great to see them all. Love A

    1. A, It was wonderful to see you and your family, as well as the rest of the clan. Thank you again for driving us back to the airport. This family certainly does know how to party! Tim and I both had a lot of fun, despite the reason for the reunion. I especially loved hearing all of the stories and anecdotes. Sarah