March 5, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Today was our self-imposed deadline for deciding what to do next.  Although we had originally planned to leave Austin and head directly for Big Bend National Park, I wasn’t sure what Tim might want to do.  We hadn’t had a chance to spend much time in Austin, which had been near the top of our list for visiting.  Nor had we been to the Hill Country just west of Austin, which was high on my list.

I decided to leave the decision up to Tim, and he picked Big Bend.  That had been our focus for some time, and we had even made campground reservations last month because Spring Break is one of the most popular times at the park.  We also figured it would be easier to come back to the Austin area at some later date.  So, the decision was made.

We spent our final day in Austin running errands, getting the RV washed and taking Pat and Rick out for dinner.  It was the least we could do to thank them for taking such good care of Kitty.  We had a lovely evening and a great meal downtown.

It will be somewhat sad to leave the campground at McKinney Falls State Park, although it’s time to hit the road.  I’ve been there for almost two weeks, the longest stay by far during the trip.  McKinney Falls is a great park, and it was the perfect place for me to be while Tim was away.  I am very impressed with the Texas State Park system and anticipate that we’ll stay in a few more state parks before we leave Texas.

Our "Home" at McKinney Falls State Park

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