February 3, 2012

Reunion in Music City

I’ve said on many occasions that one of the best parts of this trip is the opportunity to get together with family and friends who are scattered throughout the country.  Tonight was one of those occasions.

I couldn’t be anywhere in the vicinity of Nashville and not see Jenny.  So Tim and I drove to Music City today and spent the evening with Jenny and her husband Zack.  Jenny worked for me while I was in Miami and was the most amazing assistant that anyone could ever hope for.  She left Miami about a year before I did, and it’s been about seven years since I last saw her.

We had a great dinner at Margot Café and spent the evening reminiscing about our years in Miami.  We had fun there, but we are both so happy that we no longer live there.  Jenny looks great and hasn’t changed a bit.  She and Zack have two children, and we will meet them tomorrow night.

I’m so glad that Tim was able to meet Jenny and Zack and get to know them.  It was a special evening.

Jenny, Zack, Tim and Sarah
The Buttermilk Pie Was Almost As Good As the Conversation


  1. Looking up old friends is always great. I am glad you are doing it. Love A

    1. A, We've been fortunate to be able to adjust our route to make our friends a part of the trip. Sarah

  2. I'm glad your are having this great adventure while also visiting friends. Our best to you and Tim,

    Manny & Guiomar

    1. Manny and Guiomar, Spending the day with you in Washington, D.C., was one of our more memorable visits during this trip. Tim and I hope you are doing well. Sarah