May 17, 2012

Maybe Port Townsend Is a Possibility

Our plan for today was to explore Port Townsend in the morning and then catch the 12:45 pm ferry for Whidbey Island.  It didn’t work out that way.

We did spend the morning driving through the residential neighborhoods of Port Townsend.  The town is characterized by an assortment of Victorian houses, from small cottages to impressive mansions.  Many of the houses have commanding views of the water. We returned to the downtown area where we walked the streets and stopped for lunch.  Tim commented that he had a really good feeling about the town, so we decided that it might be a good idea to stick around and learn a bit more about it.  We cancelled our ferry reservations and returned to the RV park to secure a spot for another night.  Luckily, we will once again be able to enjoy the gorgeous view of the water.

The Ferry Left Without Us
We spent the afternoon further exploring the town.  Port Townsend has a lot to offer and possesses many of the qualities we’re looking for in a place to live, even though it is quite small.  Maybe it should be on our short list. 

Some Houses Have Great Views
Porches Are a Great Place to Hang Out
Victorian Details Add Interest
Even the Cottages Are Cute
A Grand Courthouse Looms over the Town
This weekend Port Townsend celebrates its annual Rhododendron Festival.  The town is noted for its many festivals, and what’s interesting is that the celebrations last for several days.  There is not just one grand parade, but also smaller parades that precede the main event.  This afternoon was the pet parade!  Kitty didn’t want to march in the parade, but Tim and I went and had fun seeing all of the animals.  Even though we missed the actual parade, we saw the many dogs, bunnies, a mouse and other assorted critters, many of whom were dressed up for the occasion.

Nice Flowers!
There Are Bunnies in That Cage
All Dressed Up
We walked back through town and decided that we really liked it here.  Who knows whether Port Townsend might work for us, but it’s fun to think about the possibilities.

The Reason for the Festival
Spring into Rhody


  1. I think you should buy the Court House. Looks like there would be plenty of room for all your family and friends to visit! :-) LV

    1. LV, Now that's an interesting idea! I'll have to check and see if the county would like to get rid of its historic building! Sarah

  2. Yes, buy the court house. We can move the Iowa reunion there. Ha! Love A

    1. A, Now that's an even more interesting idea! Wow! The two of you should be in charge of coming up with all of our future plans! Ha! Ha! Sarah