June 10, 2011

We're Newbies, Can You Tell?

After a long, long winter, we could finally make plans to take the RV out for a weekend.  Flatiron Reservoir, a pretty campground on the water, was our destination for two nights.  Tim had never spent the night in the RV, and it was time.  We decided to leave the cat at home.

A Nice Spot, Even Though It's Not On the Water
While I was out for a walk, the camp host drove by to see if we were the rightful occupants of our campsite.  “Are you Mr. Eaton,” he asked.  “No, but my wife is,” Tim replied.  Sometimes, not having the same last name can be confusing.
We eased into the RVing mode, a little bit at a time, and are proud not to have made any major mistakes.  We didn’t attempt to use the leveling blocks, nor did we try out the shower.  We will master those skills on a later trip.  But we did prepare meals and wash dishes, and we tested most of the various systems.  Most of all, we enjoyed a peaceful weekend in a beautiful setting.  This is what camping is all about.

Flatiron Reservoir

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