January 13, 2011

Uh, Oh! What's Blowin' In the Wind?

Winter in Estes Park, Colorado, can be a challenge.  We usually get a lot of snow, but the skies are usually blue and the sun is often out.  What’s tough is the wind.  We soon found out how destructive the wind can be.

Did the Wind Break the Window?
One morning in January, Tim and I went out to the driveway and happened to look at the RV, which we had parked next door.  A rear window was broken, and we immediately suspected vandalism.  We called the police, who quickly showed up and looked a little closer.  It wasn’t vandalism, they said, but wind damage.  Not only was the rear window broken, but the bathroom window was also shattered, and the entire van was sandblasted.  The more we looked, the more damage we found.  I can’t believe this is happening to a brand new vehicle. 

Progressive Insurance could not have been any better in handling the claim.  We were allowed to take the RV to a body shop recommended by Mercedes-Benz of Westminster, our local Sprinter dealer.  Stuttgart Auto Body, Ltd. worked directly with the adjustor.  The entire vehicle had to be repainted, and the bumpers and every piece of glass except the windshield had to be replaced.  The estimate came to a staggering $31,000!  Progressive did not even challenge that figure.  Amazingly, our deductible was only $500.

Stuttgart had the RV in the shop for four months.  We didn’t complain since we didn’t have to worry about further wind damage during the winter.  I stopped by the shop in April and witnessed what a thorough and careful job they were doing. 

Where's the Rest of It?
Getting a New Paint Job

Starting to Look Just Like New
When all of the work was completed in May, the RV went directly to SBS Electronics, where we had an in-dash navigation system with Bluetooth and HD and XM radio installed, as well as a backup camera, cell phone signal amplifier, surge protector and a few other toys.  Tim now has lots to play with.

Did This Come With a Wiring Diagram?

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