July 9, 2011

Kitty Kamping

On the Fence About Camping
The day had finally arrived.  Kitty was going camping.  We had planned her first excursion at a campground close to home, Aspenglen in Rocky Mountain National Park.  How would Kitty react?  How would she cope?  More to the point, how would I cope?  Would she adapt like the good kitty she has always been, or would she fight back, kicking and screaming and put the entire trip in jeopardy?  I was more than a little nervous.

So Much Grass to Eat, So Little Time
I shouldn’t have worried.  Kitty behaved like a real camper and took to the experience like she had been RVing for years.  She still was not too crazy about the drive to the campground, especially when she slid off the back of the sofa, but once we arrived, Tim took her for a walk around our campsite, and she was in heaven.  Grass taller than she is and lots of interesting things to explore!  She didn’t even pay attention to her harness (which she hates).  She also seemed to enjoy her new kitty enclosure, which we staked to the ground next to the RV.

After dinner, Kitty decided she wanted to go out again, so we went for a walk.  She walked us for a while, and then I carried her in a sling that I had purchased – what a great idea that was.  Kitty certainly was the focus of attention.  A National Park ranger drove by, and Kitty even stopped him in his tracks.  “A cat on a leash is not a sight you see too often,” he remarked.  As long as Kitty is with us, I don’t think we’ll ever have a problem meeting people.

The next morning, Kitty came very close to becoming “coyote bait.”  Tim had taken her outside on her leash while I washed the dishes.  I happened to look out the window and spotted a coyote eying her.  I called to Tim to pick up the cat before she became breakfast for a litter of coyote pups.  Mama coyote seemed very disappointed and wandered away, but came back with an unfortunate critter in her mouth.  In speaking with our neighbors, we learned that they had watched the coyote stalking the cat for some time before I spotted her.  Luckily, Kitty escaped unharmed and never even seemed to notice potential danger.

Coyote Bait

Kickin' Back

Let Me Out

Where's It Going?

Make Me Look Pretty

What Are You Reading?
Rocky Mountain National Park

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